Lets start with tile sizes!

Each tile measures 30 x 30 cm.

Each tile is around 2mm thick.

The easiest way to measure is to calculate your length x width in CMs & work out how many 30 x 30 cm tiles fit the area.

For example your area is 90 x 120 cm, this means 3 tiles will fit the 90 cm length & 4 tiles will fit the 120 cm length. Once you have this you just need to calculate 3 x 4 tiles which = 12 tiles (this is how many tiles you will need)

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Square & Rectangular Areas

Work out how many 30x30cm tiles fit into your rooms length & do the same for the width. Once you have this X the amount of tiles needed for the width by the amount needed for the length.

For example if 8 tiles fit into your length & 4 into the width you would need to do 4 tiles x 8 tiles = 28 tiles.

L-Shaped Areas

Measure the width x length in 2 sections & work out how many 30x30cm tiles fit into each.

Example- Green section, 3 tiles fit the width & 3 tiles fit the length. 3 tiles x 3 tiles = 9 tiles

White section, 9 tiles fit the length & 3 tiles fit the width. 3 tiles x 9 tiles = 27 tiles.

Total amount of tiles needed = 36 tiles

Mostly Rectangular Area

With rooms like this it is best to treat it as a standard rectangular / square room & just trim the tiles to suit your particular area.

Complex Areas

Split your room into sections & measure each following the instructions from 'L-Shaped Rooms'

Example- Green section, 3 tiles fit width, 3 tiles fit length. 3 tiles x 3 tiles = 9 tiles.

Grey section, 2 tiles fit width, 3 tiles fit length. 2 tiles x 3 tiles = 6 tiles.

White section, 9 tiles fit length, 3 tiles fit width. 9 tiles x 3 tiles = 27 tiles

Total tiles needed = 42 tiles

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