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How to remove your vinyl 

Removing your vinyl is really simple too! 

We've seen so many of you make over your rented spaces, so we had to make sure that you could remove your vinyl and leave things just as you left it.

To remove your vinyl, you just need to pick up one of the corners of the vinyl until you're able to get a whole edge free.

While our vinyl is removable damage free on most surfaces, we need to make sure that you are aware that vinyl runs the risk of damaging paint, varnish or mdf.  We advise to not to pull too hard or too quickly when removing the vinyl on painted, varnished or mdf surfaces as there is the risk that the vinyl will damage the surface below. With surfaces like worktops, glass and tiles, you can be a little firmer with it.

When you've peeled off the vinyl, there may be a small amount of the adhesive left on the surface. A damp sponge with some soap will take this straight off and leave your surfaces exactly as they were. 

So what's your next project going to be?

We hope we've been able to answer any question you have about our amazing vinyl.

If you do have any questions, get in touch and we'll be able to help you out and find something suitable for your next project.