How To Use Our Vinyl

  • Can i use your vinyl on tiled flooring?

    Our vinyl isn't like traditional lino flooring, it's only 0.5-1.2mm thick so is lighter and can be used in more areas!

    In this image above you can see it applied to ceramic tiles.

    When choosing a busier pattern to work with you will barely be able to see the grout lines.

    If your grout lines are really deep or you are choosing a block colour or less patterned design we would strongly advise you to purchase a sample first so you can see how it will look in person before commiting to a whole roll.


  • When will my order arrive?

    You can view our updated turnaround times here!

    We estimate a turnaround of 7-10 working days.


    We send your orders to be printed every Monday, Wednesday & Friday & will then begin to process your order!


    For example if you order on a Tuesday your order will be processed with our printers on the Wednesday.

    If you order on a print day (Friday for example) your order will be processed into Mondays print order.

  • Do you accept returns & refunds?

    We're confident that you're going to love your Jes Rose order but if you have any questions or concerns, please get in touch and we'll come back to you as soon as we can.

    Every printed product is custom made to order, so we're unfortunately not able to accept a return for these items


    We strongly advise that you purchase samples first so you can get a feel for the product before commiting to a roll of our vinyl.


    The exception to this is if it arrives damaged for any reason which can happen from time to time, although we're working with our delivery partners to reduce this.

Measuring Up & Order Sizes

Measuring. You need to spend a good amount of time measuring what you want to cover. It sounds silly, but we've seen a few people underestimate their measurements and come up a bit short.

Note: Like any printed product, batches are very important. We cannot guarantee that orders printed at different times will match with a previous purchase.

Designs. All of our designs are completely seamless, so you can match panels of vinyl together quickly and easily. 

Ordering. Our designs are 0.6m (standard) or 0.65m (worktop size) wide and then you can order the length that you need. If you need more than 3m, you can order multiples of the sizes that you need.

Note:Our 60cm and 65cm prints are printed at slightly different aspect ratios andwill notbe seamless when combined with prints of another size.

  • Samples!

    One thing that we definitely cannot advise enough, is to order a sample. Our customers plan amazing things and we want to make sure that it's perfect. Colours can look a little different on screen than they are printed, so we really encourage you to get a sample or two in advance. As all of our prints are done bespoke for you, we're not able to accept returns on them if you don't like the colour or feel of the vinyl.


    Our vinyl isn't like traditional lino flooring, it's only 0.5-1.2mm thick


    Some of our designs may look lighter coloured on screen before being printed so samples are a great way to know what you are getting before buying a large roll.

  • Suitability In Your Home!

    One of our most asked questions is, where can I put the vinyl in my home?
    The answer is, it's pretty much suitable anywhere! Our vinyl isn't like traditional lino flooring, it's only 0.5-1.2mm thick so is lighter and can be used in more areas!

    If your flooring is uneven or has imperfections we recommend applying a layer of sealant or resin to create a smooth finish.

    Please note:Like any product application, we always advise trying it on a discreet area of where you want to apply it, to ensure any coating such as paint or varnish is not removed with it.

  • Does The Vinyl Have A Shelf Life?


    We would recommend applying your vinyl as soon as you receive it for best results. If the vinyl is sat in a cupboard on the backing paper for a few months over time the adhesive will dry out & will not adhere to your surface as well as it would if used as soon as its purchased.

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What Vinyl Type Do I Need?

We offer 3 types of vinyl for you to choose from! See below a detailed explanation to help you!

  • Standard Vinyl

    Waterproof - Yes

    Heatproof - Yes (up to around

    85 degrees c.)

    Thickness - No more than 1 mm

    Can be used on the majority of flat surfaces such as table tops, fridges and more.


    It can be applied on (not exclusively): 

    - Furniture - TV units, tables, benches, cabinets, dressers
    - Walls - while it can be applied to painted walls and wallpaper, it can damage these on removal so care should be taken before applying
    - Kitchen - worktops, backsplash, tiles, cupboards, appliances
    - Bathroom - tiles, backsplash, bath panels
    - Fire Place
    - Stairs

  • Floor And Wall Vinyl

    Waterproof - Yes

    Heatproof - Yes (up to around 110 degrees c.)

    Thickness - No more than 1 mm

    This vinyl has a stickier adhesive and a non-slip coating, making it suitable for wet environments like your bathroom or kitchen floors, or for heavily used tables or worktops.

    So not only can it be used for all of the applications standard can be used for, this means it's amazing for covering all ranges of flooring such as tiles, laminate and wood. It's pretty special.

    Our vinyl isn't like traditional lino flooring, it's only 0.5-1.2mm thick

    With some rare types of flooring our floor and wall vinyl will struggle adhere to it, if you plan to apply our floor vinyl to concrete for example please ensure to seal the area first to make sure the vinyl adheres to it.

  • Window Vinyl

    Waterproof - Yes

    Heatproof - Yes (up to around 85 degrees c.)

    Thickness - No more than 1 mm

    Printed onto translucent vinyl, letting you make a feature of your windows while allowing you to retain some privacy.


    Our window vinyl is printed on translucent vinyl which allows light into the room and gives you a little more privacy too. 

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How to apply your vinyl?

Applying your vinyl is really easy. We've got some tips for you here, and you can see some of our video tutorials below!

Video Tutorials
  • Sizing-

    First, make sure your vinyl is cut to the right size. You can cut it down by measuring out your design on the back of the print, and just use scissors to cut it down to size.

    Remember the old saying, measure twice - cut once. 


    Get a clean surface-

    Make sure the surface you want to apply it on is clean. You want to make sure it's clean but not damp, so make sure to remove any excess moisture off where you're going to apply your vinyl.


    For a bespoke vinyl size please fill in our Custom Size Form

  • Prepare your area and the vinyl-

    Vinyl Temperature:

    Adhesive works best when slightly warm, so make sure that your vinyl is unrolled and allowed to come to room temperature if it's just been delivered, or left in a cupboard

    Time: If you're applying it onto a painted surface, make sure the paint has been allowed to settle. Paint can be dry on the surface but can take, certainly in cold weather, a number of weeks to completely dry and set.


    With tiles we recommended not to sand them down as this will take the varnish off the surface and the vinyl will struggle to adhere correctly.


     If you're applying vinyl to a painted surface, certain paint manufacturers include additives to paint that stops anything sticking to the paint and this will include our vinyl. This includes paint that's advertised as anti-stain and wash and wear etc. Please test this with a sample before purchasing a large order.


    For wooden surfaces please test with a sample first & do not sand down prior unless covering it with a varnish after as the matte surface will cause the vinyl not to stick.

  • Application-

    Start by peeling off a little of one edge of the vinyl.

    You can use this sticky edge to line up your design against its back drop, and then slowly remove more of the backing.

    Use our squeegee or another flat tool to smooth out the vinyl as you go, this will ensure there are no bubbles. Keep going until your whole design has been applied. If needed, trim the edges to size.

    (Note: make sure whatever tool you use doesn't scratch the surface, our squeegee is rubber and goes over smoothly and safely)

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Top Tips!

- Laid it down and it's at a bit of an angle? Don't worry, you can lift and reapply your vinyl to get it right properly.

- Applying it to a wall? For the best results, overlap a small amount of the vinyl to make sure none of the edges catch.