Peel & Stick Tiles Tips, Tricks & Tutorials!

If you are looking to upgrade and use our peel & stick tiles in your project you will find all you need to know below!

Tips, Tricks & Video Tutorials!

Helpful things to know!

  • Did you know your premium peel & stick tiles can be reused?! (Remove the tiles gently, add some adhesive strips & re apply!).
  • Make sure your area is flat, free of any dirt & grime before applying (if you apply on top of grime the adhesive may not bond with your surface, uneven surfaces may cause the tiles not to stay adhered)
  • A pair of scissors, ruler & a squeegee will be your best friend during application!
  • Each tile needs to be applied as close together as possible so that no water / grime gets underneath!
  • Our vinyl rolls & peel & stick tiles are totally different, make sure you try samples first so you can see which you would prefer to use in your project! Colours may vary across both products.
  • Our peel & stick tiles will work best if they are room temperature before applying & removing! 
  • Our premium peel & stick tiles have a super hard-wearing, protective, water resistant & anti slip laminate making them great in heavy traffic areas!
  • The premium peel & stick tiles are much thicker than our standard vinyl rolls & made with a totally new material! Vinyl rolls are around 0.5mm thick & our peel & stick tiles are around 2mm thick!
  • Each peel & stick tile measures 30 x 30 cm making application super easy as you are working in smaller sections.
  • If you are planning to use the tiles on a very uneven surface please test a sample first to ensure it sticks well. (a hairdryer will help warm up the adhesive & bond the two materials together) If you are concerned that your surface is to uneven we advise to add a hardboard underlay first.
  • Once applied, the peel & stick tiles need time to bond to the surface underneath, try constantly walking or putting pressure on them for a while.

Before, After & Process

Lets take a closer look at some of our tiles......